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Bioreactor Components

Replacement and Spare Parts for Stirred Bioreactors

We now offer replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.

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Chemglass Vacuum Conversion Chart (PDF)
Filter Apparatus (FRIT Information)
Information on diameter and permeability of rigid porous filters for laboratory use

CG-1590 - CG-1596 Dewar Flasks
Information on testing and using
Dewar Evacuated Flasks.
Frits Frits Dewar Flasks

CG-1318 Rotary Evaporator
Vial Adapter
Information on how to choose
the correct connector.

CGQ-0600, CGQ-0620,
CGQ-0640, CGQ-0660
Information and Specifications for Quartz Plates.

CG-3501, CG-3503, CG-3505,
CG-3506-N, CG-3508-N
Information on thermometers:
Reuniting Separated Mercury
and Organic Thermometers.
Vial Adapter Quartz Plates Thermometers

O-Ring Chemical Compatibility

Process Reactor Information

Technical Information for
Chemglass Large Scale
Process Reactors
, 10-50 Liter.
Time to Temperature Chart
for Reactor Cooling/Heating
Times Using Huber Circulators,
1-50 Liter.